Safety Tips for Throwing a Kiddie Private Pool Party

We all know how kids love to play with water. In fact, at the mere mention of going to the beach, swimming pool or even their good old bath tub, most of them light up with sheer excitement. That is why, it should not come as a surprise to us that kids would request having their birthday parties be held with a private pool. It’s fun and it’s an easy way to brighten up an event. As a parent, we understand this might pose safety issues. That is why we have round up these safety tips for throwing a kiddie private pool party:

First off, as early as sending out the invitations, indicate parental consent. There are parents who allow their kids to go to the party, but not necessarily swim in the pool or participate in the water games. This is also a step in reminding the parent of the shared responsibility for the kids come party day.

After that, you have to brief the kids about the safety rules for pool use. Wait for everyone to arrive (or at least 70%) before you let them swim in the pool. Orient them about basic pool safety and teach them signals to use if they are in trouble or if they think they see someone in danger. This also includes you, clearly explaining the dangers and consequences of careless pool playing.

At all times, there must be at least 2 adults to supervise the kids who are using the pool. It would also be strategic to place the grown up tables near the pool so parents and guardians can all take a look at the kids. Although most private pool owners employ a lifeguard, extra eyes would still be better.

The previous tip does not only require merely looking, but the activities in the pool must also be under control. Kids can easily get overwhelmed by a pool (who wouldn’t be?) so they need to be disciplined if they break the rules. Tell them that if they disobey, they have to leave the pool. Also, make sure that you rule out jumping and diving. These are the most common causes of injury. See, it’s not as difficult as you think. What is important is that your expectations and your position on pool safety is in line with those of the private pool owner’s, and the parents of the kids who are invited to your party. So that’s it, good luck and have fun on your kids pool party!

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