4 Fun Private Pool Games

There are a lot of things that you can do when you rent a private pool. In fact, throwing a pool in your party repertoire just levels up its fun meter a few notches! If you just booked a pool party and yet you’re running out of ideas on how to make it more memorable, here are a few activities:

Good Ol’ Jousting

Everybody loves this game. It doesn’t matter if it’s your grandfather vs. your grandmother or if it’s two chicks in bikinis trying to kill each other. It’s just fun! Use blow up toys as jousting materials and it’s always best for the players to stand on a large inflatable bed/ surface. Just make sure that the edges are not too near so they don’t risk hitting their head while they fall. What’s good about this is that even if you’re just part of the audience, you can have just as much fun as the players.

Dollar Dive

Also known as the penny dive (or the change dive) or in our case, peso dive, this one’s easy. All you need to do is gather coins and throw it all on the pool. Cover as much area as fairly possible. Give a time limit and give a prize to the person who collects the most coins AND/OR the biggest amount raised. It’s your discretion if s/he gets to keep the coins as well.

Movie Night

You probably know how to play movie night. Just play some clips, make the people guess the movie title and every correct answer earns a point. Easy, right? For the swimming pool variation, you can use water-themed movies like anything with alligators, ships, dolphins or even rich guys who own yachts. Set up a large screen, projector and have everyone watch from the pool.

Thing Relay

We just called it “thing” relay because really, you can just use anything for this. Just divide the group into 2, have them line up and take something from one side of the pool to the other. It can be a set of shoes, clothing or plastic containers. If you can get them to build something if they’ve taken all the stuff together, that’s better. For example, you use waterproof puzzle pieces. Then, by the time they’ve accomplished all pieces (to the other side of the pool), they’d have to put the pieces together. The first group to complete the puzzle wins!

See, all these activities are easily doable and they won’t cost you a lot! Have fun on your next private pool party!

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