Pros and Cons of Renting a Private Pool in Manila

As soon as you’ve got a possible celebratory event in the future, you might automatically get excited about the idea of throwing a party. And get this: if it’s you planning, we know you don’t really intend this to be “just another party”. Of course you’d want your party to stand out and be memorable. Because of this, you think of a few ideas and finally, come up with a fun all-in-one solution: just throw in a private pool and throw the best party in Manila!

Now, don’t get too excited. A private pool in Manila might be the best choice for you, however, it comes with a few guidelines too. To further explore this idea, here are a few pros and cons in renting a private pool for your party:


Pool Means Fun

Having a pool at your party and making it the center of attraction is an obvious upgrade from the regular restaurant or hotel function parties. Somehow it just brings the fun to a whole new level and get this: people would always look forward to a dip in that pool. You can also explore many kinds of pool/ water games and make use of the outdoors for other related activities.

Pool Parties are for Everyone

Whether you’re throwing a kiddie party, a college party, a business launch or even a wedding after party, you can totally rent a pool and just dress up the environment according to your desired motif. In fact, you don’t need an event organizer to do this for you. Many party themes are available online, with easy DIY props that you can use.


Rules Need to be Set

Because you have a little “body of water”, it is understandable that you have to set strict rules to pool usage. Blatantly list down the rules in your invitation and encourage compliance. This is a little bit of extra work but with the right approach and a promise of good time, your guests will surely acquiesce.

Facilities Need to Keep Up

If you’re renting a private pool in Manila for your pool party, make sure that all the facilities keep up with the expectations of your guests. Anticipate their needs and meet them. Before your party starts, recollect RSVP and remind them to bring necessary “swim items”. After that, check the bathrooms if the water is running and provide extra toiletries as well. You might also want to set a place where your guests can dry out their clothes fast.

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