Private Pool: Makes All the Difference

Have you ever tried planning a party and thinking: how can I make my party unique? We always think about unique themes, wild color combos to use as motif, and rare (but still fun!) activities so we are sure that our guests all have a good time. At the end of the day, we get overburdened with planning it and we also open doors to plenty of additional expenses. That sounds really sad; but did you know that you can just throw in one simple element and it already gives your party a huge level up? Yes, and we’re talking about a private pool.

With a private pool, you can do pre-party swimming, play several water games during the actual event and you don’t need to think of an after-party activity. You can just chill while dipping in the pool.. talk, continue drinking beer, wine or even coffee. Seems like a pretty scene to see, right?

What’s more, your event also gives an extra excitement to the guests as early as the invitations reach their hands. A “pool party” sounds more exciting than a simple “house/ hotel/ resto party”, right? It reminds you of those wild American frat parties that we always took as benchmarks as soon as we had our first taste of alcohol. Additional tip: add teasers like games or little prizes to make your party more controversial. Don’t forget to rent really good sound system to easily bring your party to life as soon as the guests arrive!

If you are the kind that do not really want to throw public or very wild parties, you can also tone down the excitement while still keeping your intended class. As soon as you send out your invitations, tell them it’s just a quiet, lounging party. Serve wine, cocktails, bite-sized desserts and set the mood using light and relaxing music.

Just make sure, though, that you inform your guests about the private pool rules and the basic pool “responsibilities” like they have to use appropriate swimwear if they want to take a dip, do not bring food to the pool, and always look out for children’s safety. A party booboo is always a bummer; you know that.

See, aside from a private pool upgrading a simple house/ resto/ hotel party, you can also customize it according to the mood and impression that you want to set. What is important is you make your party unique and you get something that people will surely get excited about. I mean, how many people, really, throw a pool party around the corner?

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